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  • How to Create Your Path for College Success

    How do you define success? The dictionary would definite it as an accomplishment of aim or purpose, but I want to know–how do YOU define success?   College Planning Experts has worked with thousands of families over the years, and I think the first step in the college planning process is to simplify what you’re looking to accomplish. What is

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  • Great Way to Save on College Costs!

    If you’re worried about the high cost of college, then consider this: college tuition has only increased (never decreased) since 1981. With a ever rising cost commodity, you can only imagine… it is going to get worse. What is one to do?   A great way to save on college costs is to get started early. Of course there are

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  • How to Pick the Best College

    At College Planning Experts we are asked, time and time again, how to pick the best college. Parents and students always want to know what the best college is in the United States. Some argue that it is Stanford with its less than 5% of admitted applicants. Others argue that it is Harvard with its prestige and networking potential. Well…

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  • Celebrate College Commitment with Taco Tuesday!

    Class of 2015 (and transfer students):   This year Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday. That is awesome.  So we wanted to take a moment to pause. We want to pause on the stressers out there (like admissions, applications, loans, essays, etc.) to focus on the positive.   National College Commit days was four days ago. You have done

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  • 13th Grade?

    Many families worry about affording college. They fear that with rising costs and impacted course offerings that their children are going to be stuck in debt (forced to take student loans) and will take longer to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. One unique solution I came across is called 13th grade.   Some high schools are offering what is now referred

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  • Be Careful Taking Advice Online

    Today I read an article entitled “Your Income May Disqualify Your Child for College Aid Regardless of Your Assets” on about income disqualifying families for college aid. In the article we learn how a common college planning tip (moving money out of a custodial account) may not benefit a family with financial aid at all, and in fact it

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  • College Counseling: Under-resourced

    I read an article today in the Huffington Post about the lack of college guidance for bright students in low income areas. The article focused on the many hats guidance counselors must wear in a public school (behavioral interventionist, career adviser, scheduling pro, and study skill instructor), and their workload. They stated that the average workload of a guidance counselor

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  • How to Get the Best Financial Aid Package

    It’s that time of year. Seniors are about to commit to college, and financial aid award letters have arrived. So… what do you do if you have not received the financial aid offer for which you were hoping?   As we posted previously in “5 Things You Must Know Before Appealing” some families turn to the appeals process. This is

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  • College Admissions Re-Write

    The Washington Post published an article today about the inefficiencies in college admissions. With our current system, millions of students apply to college after being recruited heavily and/or hearing of schools through T.V., friends, and family. At College Planning Experts we are lucky to work with families who begin thinking of college picks earlier than most, and we can give

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  • 7 Tips to Reduce College Costs

    USA Today published an article yesterday that shared 7 strategies to reduce college costs. We had to share it.   Enjoy!

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  • College Pay Day

    Too often we meet students who want to attend college simply because “they’ll make more money.” While it is true (studies have shown) that a college graduate makes roughly $1,000,000 over his/her lifetime, that is an average. If you really want to capitalize on the marketability of your Bachelor’s degree then you MUST have a direction. If you’re going to

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  • Debt Free College

    It goes without saying; college is expensive. Do you think government should get involved? Do you think we should move for a debt free college initiative?   Check out this article, and let us know what you think!

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