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  • College Counseling: Under-resourced

    I read an article today in the Huffington Post about the lack of college guidance for bright students in low income areas. The article focused on the many hats guidance counselors must wear in a public school (behavioral interventionist, career adviser, scheduling pro, and study skill instructor), and their workload. They stated that the average workload of a guidance counselor

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  • How to Get the Best Financial Aid Package

    It’s that time of year. Seniors are about to commit to college, and financial aid award letters have arrived. So… what do you do if you have not received the financial aid offer for which you were hoping?   As we posted previously in “5 Things You Must Know Before Appealing” some families turn to the appeals process. This is

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  • College Admissions Re-Write

    The Washington Post published an article today about the inefficiencies in college admissions. With our current system, millions of students apply to college after being recruited heavily and/or hearing of schools through T.V., friends, and family. At College Planning Experts we are lucky to work with families who begin thinking of college picks earlier than most, and we can give

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  • 7 Tips to Reduce College Costs

    USA Today published an article yesterday that shared 7 strategies to reduce college costs. We had to share it.   Enjoy!

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  • College Pay Day

    Too often we meet students who want to attend college simply because “they’ll make more money.” While it is true (studies have shown) that a college graduate makes roughly $1,000,000 over his/her lifetime, that is an average. If you really want to capitalize on the marketability of your Bachelor’s degree then you MUST have a direction. If you’re going to

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  • Debt Free College

    It goes without saying; college is expensive. Do you think government should get involved? Do you think we should move for a debt free college initiative?   Check out this article, and let us know what you think!

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  • College Funding Woes…

    Gallup recently held a survey to discover what financial obstacles U.S. families were facing and the results are in: people are worried about paying for college. Check out the survey results, and let us know what you think.   If you’re one of those worried about finding money to send your child to college, call us. We know how to

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  • A Bachelor’s Degree Worth

    I read an informative article today, and I wanted to share it with you. There is much debate these days over the value of a college education. As tuition and fees rise some speculate that the investment one makes in a degree is not worth the monetary gains over a lifetime. This article shares that not all college degrees/ experiences

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  • Controversy: The Financial Benefits of College

    The L.A. Times put out an article yesterday about the financial benefits of college. One on side you read how college is a necessity for jobs in the United States. As manufacturing jobs have been pushed overseas it is more vital than ever for our young people to get a college degree for work. On the other hand you read

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  • 5 Things You Must Know before Appealing

    Are you the parent of a senior or transfer student agonizing over financial aid award letters? If you are, you’re not alone. This is an exciting, yet terrifying time of year. As student finally have a list of acceptances to choose from, parents finally have a financial aid award package to understand cost. You may know you have “the secret

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  • Burger-King wedding?

      This couple has done an excellent job marketing their unique romance story. Joel Burger and Ashley King grew up together, fell in love, and decided to make a union… a Burger-King union. Why not involve the gigantic chain in the fun? After all, it is great PR for both.   This story got me thinking. If you want to

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  • Free College Planning Help!

    Check out our workshops page to access free college planning help! We offer exclusive, insider strategies that can save you thousands on college costs. We’ll also share secret tips to get your child admitted to his/her dream school.   What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free workshop today!

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