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  • What Does It Mean to Apply Early Action?

    Every college applicant is looking for a higher chance of being accepted- submit your application Early Action! Early applicants are more likely to get a letter of acceptance than their peer competitors who wait for the later deadline. According to U.S. News, the average acceptance rate for early applicants was 67.6% for Fall 2016, while the average regular acceptance rate

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  • How to Prep for College This Summer!

    It’s CRUCIAL to start preparing for college early, before it’s too late to change your high school experiences — don’t be the student that says “I wish I submitted my application for ASB!” or “I should have studied harder for my chemistry exam!” Summer vacation is the perfect time to spend enhancing your college applications, not only for soon-to-be seniors

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  • Your Guide to the Common Application

    The Common Application is an online college application system used by hundreds of colleges and universities. It allows students to conveniently fill out their standard information one time for Common App schools – rather than filling out a dozen applications, this is one app for each school! The Common App dashboard also allows students to keep track of important documents

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  • Unsure of Which College is Right for You?

    Not sure which college is right for you? Make a college wish list – what’s important to you in a school? What is your ideal class size? What kind of weather will you want to live in for the next four years? Gather information on each college that interests you with these tips from The Princeton Review: 1. College admissions

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  • 8 Ways to Get Ahead During Spring Break

    Spring break is an excellent time to prepare for college – use this free time to plan for your future! The Princeton Review released a list of 8 great ways to prep for college and minimize your stress come application time! 1. Draft your college list: Really think about what you want throughout your college experience. Would you want to

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  • Grades, Test Scores and Extracurriculars, Oh My

    Grades and test scores are huge factors that help get you into college, but schools also want to see what you choose to do with your free time. College admissions counselors have a goal of creating a diverse incoming class, so they’ll look at your extracurriculars to get a sense of the person you are. With that said, here’s what

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  • Questions You Need To Ask Your College Tour Guide

    Never underestimate the power of a good question! Here are 60 great questions from The Princeton Review to ask your tour guide on your next college tour: The Basics Why did you choose this school? Are you happy here? What are your school’s strengths? What’s your #1 complaint about your school? What else could stand to be improved? How accessible are administrators, registrars,

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Letters of Recommendation

    Your college applications say a lot about you – how well you do in school, your test scores, your hobbies and passions, and your personal statements. However, colleges also want to learn more about you from someone that isn’t you. According to The Princeton Review, colleges typically ask for letters of recommendation from at least two high school teachers, but

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  • Every College Student Needs to Download THESE Apps Today

    Believe it or not, apps aren’t only used for fun and games – download these five apps recommended by Concordia University for college students to stay on track! 1. myHomework Student Planner: Provides you with a calendar to track your upcoming assignments, tests, projects and other events! 2. 2Do: Creates your own to-do lists, categorizing your tasks by priority and

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  • Get Into These 4 Universities for Entrepreneurship

    According to Forbes, today’s teens are far more entrepreneurial than their parents. Over 70% of teens have self-employed jobs rather than traditional workforce positions. More specifically, today’s teenagers are becoming masters and teachers of an art, creating and selling items on social media platforms, managing their own babysitting services and more. These young entrepreneurs are not looking to the future

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  • Time-Management Hacks Every College Student Should Use

    College is one of the busiest times in your life – between going to classes, completing assignments, interning, working part-time, visiting with family and friends, and social commitments, you’ll be running everywhere you go! Whether we’ve already helped you get into college or you’re starting your first semester in the Fall, here are six helpful time-management tips every college student

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  • 10 Ways to Help You Choose Your College Major

    Attending college in the Fall and still not sure which major is right for you? Here are 10 factors to consider to help you choose your college major from U.S. News: 1. Explore out-of-school experiences: Help yourself understand which major path is the right one for you by participating in hands-on learning opportunities outside of your everyday classes. 2. Beware

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