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Opening Day!

Baseball has started its 2015 season, and if you’re excited about Opening Day for Baseball… you MUST be excited about Opening Day for College Admissions Season. For those juniors out there who have not yet finalized a college list, act fast! College Admissions Season is in full swing and your applications will be submitted in just 6 months.


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College Watch List

Everest Institute in Silver Spring, Md. Corinthian Colleges, which owns Everest, Heald College and WyoTech schools, is being sued by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for what it calls a “predatory lending scheme,” the agency said Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014.The federal government recently published a list of colleges who were on a watch list for financial reasons. recently published an article about the publishing of this once secret list. Secretary Ted Mitchell writes, “… we are watching these institutions more closely to ensure that institutions are using federal student aid in a way that is accountable to both students and taxpayers.” Last year when Corinthian Colleges collapsed, tens of thousands of students were effected by losing their ability to complete their degrees.


What would you do if your college was on this list?

Texas Solution to College Debt Crisis

Student loan debt has surpassed $1.3 trillion in this country. This debt has become a crisis for a generation of young professionals. As college graduates enter the workforce, how can they afford to start their own households when they are paying back past debts? The number of college go-ers is on the rise, but the average salary for a college graduate is not rising. What do we do?


Forbes put out an interesting article to suggest a college degree discount for non-traditional students in specific programs. Check it out and tell us what you think.

College Tours on Instagram?

InstagramAn article published on yesterday explains how some high school students are taking a new approach to campus tours. We all know we can use the internet to research schools, but high school students took it to a new level. They checked into social media accounts to get a feel for perspective campuses, and they did so in a way you wouldn’t expect. Instead of going to the schools’ official social media accounts, the students found college students’ pages to spy on. By investigating real college kids’ accounts, high school students could get a feel for the school in the everyday. It allowed them to see the campus from a student’s eyes instead of the university’s marketing brochure.


Check out the article here.

April Fools: Houghton College

As an apparent April Fools prank, Houghton College (Buffalo, NY) sent a press release announcing its intent to build a bio-dome around the school. The PR department thought it would be a great way to grab attention of warm-weather lovers seeking a college experience back east.





How to Improve College Admissions


Yesterday the New York Times started an interesting debate on ways to improve the college admissions process in the United States. The article highlights the struggles the current system faces and the frustrations students and parents face when trying to navigate the process. Various contributors argue for solutions, such as a lottery system, a college matching system, and a return to a paper application system.


I agree that the accessibility of higher education in this country is not as straightforward as it should be (nor is it fair), and while many feel like they can’t make a change to such a big system, I encourage you to add to the debate. The only way to make improvements is to speak up.


How would you change the college admissions process?

Are all college credits the same?

There was an interesting article on yesterday that spoke of the effectiveness of a college education in the U.S. In the article you read how “time” is how we measure a secondary education. To get a Bachelor’s degree, you need 180 semester credit hours. But is measuring credits enough to grant someone a degree of mastery? If a student needs a specific number of credit hours, no matter his/her professional or academic background, are the credit units enough?


Give it a read!

How to Get Accepted to ALL 8 Ivy League Schools

Last year Kwasi Enin was accepted to every college where he applied (including all 8 Ivy League schools). For the first time he has allowed the press to publish his college admissions essay. Business Insider shared it in this article today.



3 Questions to Consider when Comparing Admissions Offers

It is that time of year when your senior/ transfer students is learning where he or she got in to college. It can be very exciting and very stressful. That’s why I wanted to put together this list of things to consider when comparing admissions offers.


1.) How is the school ranked for your child’s major?

For most, we go to college with a goal in mind: a career. We want to get add another level of education to our resume in order to find our place in the world, post school. That said, look to see how your child’s future college ties in with his or her career goals. If your child’s major at a potential school is renowned for that major and has a great transition rate to the work force or to graduate school, that is something to consider. It shows that the education at that school and in a particular program will have a higher return on investment.


2.) What are the school’s matriculation percentages?

When you send your child to school, you want him or her to graduate. By looking into your potential college’s matriculation percentages, you can see how that school engages its student population. You’ll get a better idea of how the school performs in retaining its students and supporting them through graduation.


3.) What financial aid award (if any) have you been granted?

If you are in the top 10-15% of admitted freshmen, many colleges (not all) will offer you some sort of merit-based or institutional-based aid. Did your child get an award? You want to know how badly the school desires your student because it can save you money AND it can show you where your child could rank on campus. If your child is a high performing student in comparison to the rest of the freshmen class, then your child may have a great potential to thrive at that school academically.


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